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Hospital Facilities

At Flemington Veterinary Hospital (FVH), our state of the art facility enables an uncompromisingly high level of healthcare for your beloved pet.

Flemington Veterinary Hospital

Coupled with the skill of our experienced veterinarians, our facility can make the difference in extending your pet's lifespan, or improving their quality of life. Many of our treatment and diagnostic options include Digital Radiology, Endoscopy, Ultrasonography, Electrocardiography and Laser Therapy. This equipment sounds more familiar in a hospital for humans, reflecting the high quality of care that your pet will receive.

Examination Rooms

Typical Exam Room at Flemington Veterinary Hospital

In order to minimize your wait time, we have four exam rooms where pets are initially seen by our doctors. Number one exam room has ramp access should this be necessary for either you or your pet.

Treatment Area

Treatment Area

Many procedures are performed in the treatment area. These include dentristries, therapeutic laser treatments, venipuncture, anesthetic induction, and surgical preparation. The treatment area also contains an intensive care unit (ICU) with an oxygen cage.

Surgery Room

Surgery Room

Our O.R. is equipped with state-of-the-art anesthetic and monitoring equipment. Collectively, our doctors have over 80 years of experience in caring for animals, many of which were spent in the operating room.


Laboratory Facilities

Our complete in-house blood laboratory enables us to provide you with results within minutes, not days. We are also equipped with a urine and fecal lab, providing the rapid results that your pet needs.

Waiting Area

Spacious, comfortable waiting area

Our waiting area has ample seating for our clients and patients.

Veterinary Hospital